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In 21st century the world has changed in the way we communicate, do our businesses, meetings etc. Year 2020 has taken this way of communication to an entirely different level following COVID 19. People are now online not only for personal and small groups communications but most company meetings, large gatherings including conferences, educational courses are now being organised online. This brings to question is it still necessary in the medical world for clients to travel far and wide and most times on crowded roads to consult a doctor or expert therapist ? Health and wellbeing is a basic human right.

However, the disparity in the quality of care available and accessibility is unimaginable. This is an insult to us as professionals who are responsible directly or indirectly to facilitate health care to all humankind in this 21st century. Our fellow human beings wherever they live should have access to expert advice on health and wellbeing. Keeping this in mind NR SKYMED is established to give access online to people from any corner of this world to renowned experts, highly skilled professionals across the world in various languages. So far only a fraction of those affluent people who could afford to travel far and wide have access to those expert professionals across the globe. It is time for us to facilitate such access to most of the humankind. NR Skymed now offers such platform to have online access to those health care professionals and expert therapists across the globe. Through NR Skymed you would have access to such experts for consultations sitting in your own room, garden or office. You can clarify your doubts and get advice not only on existing medical problems and treatment but also on prevention of debilitating illnesses with confidence and confidently. All experts and therapists accessed through NR Skymed are fully referenced and recommended by colleague professionals or clients who had experienced the care provided. Hence, you can be assured of the quality of care and advice that you will have access through NR Skymed Ltd. Besides, the above advantages NR Skymed will give you access to the experts worldwide in various languages from various countries with various cultural backgrounds.

Medical practise is entirely different compared to other services because the problems and the treatment options are not only based on medical conditions but also dictated by your own beliefs cultural background and social acceptance. Hence, people tend to choose doctors and therapist who understand their culture and beliefs. NR Skymed gives access to find those experts who are suitable to your needs not only close to your vicinity but across the world.

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Every individual has the right to access the best medical care and advice available regardless of where they live. Our mission is to facilitate that.